Burn in fire, befor reading!
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Burn in fire, befor reading!
Burn in fire, befor reading!
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"But his delight is in the law of Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night." Psalm 1:2
Constantine Borisovich Erofeyev
Constantine Borisovich Erofeyev, Ph.D.
Christian lawyer
St. Petersburg, Russia
Education St.Petersburg Technical University, St. Petersburg Law College, North-West Academy of Civil Service, Parkersburg Bible College
Telephone (St. Petersburg, Russia): +7-921-656-97-12
Email: antanta1999@mail.ru

Serving the city of St. Petersburg and its suburbs as a fellow Christian with insight and knowledge to the laws of Russia and how they pertain to the Christian worker and their organizations.

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST Consultations are free of charge by phone or e-mail. Communication between future client and lawyer will not form a binding attorney-client relationship. I will not officially become a representing attorney until the client signs a written agreement. In addition, it must be understood that during consultation that any answer or information provided may not be regarded as legal advice, and should not be relied on in making legal decisions. All consultations are provided for general information purposes only. Also, liability can not be assumed because prospective clients extenuating circumstances may not reflect the law that applies to the particular situation which has been communicated. Furthermore, please note that email is not a secure form of communication and caution should be taken for all information included by such interactions. Responsibility of confidentiality can not be assumed or held liable with such communications through e-mail.

SERVICES AND PRACTICE I am member of St. Petersburg Bar Association and my practice is limited to St. Petersburg, Russia and surrounding Leningradskaya suburbs. Services provided are; consultation, assistance and representation in certain fields of law which are listed below.

Burn in fire, befor reading!

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  1. Business organizations: Forming and operating small business organizations, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations (non-public).

  2. Civil litigation: General civil lawsuits, such as contract disputes, enforcement of deed restrictions, and defense against uninsured claims. I do not handle matters such as class actions, personal injury or malpractice litigation

  3. Contracts and business operation: Preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts for various business purposes and personal matters.

  4. Family Law: Family cases including divorces (with property division, child custody and child support provisions), adoptions (child and adult), modifications of child custody, possession and support, name changes, and emancipation of minors.

  5. Probate: Probate and related matters, including probating wills, heir affidavit and proceedings, and guardianship proceedings.

  6. Real estate: Real estate transactions and issues such as purchase and sale of a home or condominium, commercial property, shopping centers, or rural property, and reviewing title and loan documents, deed restrictions and encumbrances.

  7. Trusts, wills and estate planning: Estate planning for relatively simple estates and estate plans, including preparing wills (which can include trusts for minor children and trusts to take advantage of the unified estate and gift tax deduction), codicils, revocable («living»), irrevocable and other trust documents, directives to physicians («living wills»), health care and general powers of attorney, designations of guardians, and insurance beneficiary designations.

  8. Unlisted matters: Providing legal advice and assistance in certain matters incidental to, similar to or related to those above.

I look forward to assisting you with any matter listed or not listed above and that is within the sphere of my practice. Also, for other matters not pertaining to my practice I may be able to suggest a lawyer for the field of interest that you need. However, I cannot be held liable for any recommendations because of the inability to control what other lawyers may do or what you might expect or require in connection with another lawyer’s services.

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Grant recommendations

From Rev. Mark Stumbo Director Apostolic Russian Ministries Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ

To whom it may concern:

I met Constantine Erofeyev in 1996 and ever since then he has worked closely with our organization. I have found him to be very reliable and efficient in his work. Whatever task was asked of him, he did in a timely manner and was very professional.

In the current situation in Russia, some «Non-Commercial Organizations» are unable or unwilling to establish themselves because of not fully understanding the governing laws in this nation. In their desire to invest in the religious, social and educational needs of the Russian people it is necessary to have a good understanding of the various mandates that may affect them. It would be a tremendous value to noncommercial organizations to have this information available to them.

For the past 10 years Constantine has continued to keep us informed about changing laws that would effect our organization and therefore, we have been able to operate legally here, without any serious problems. I feel that Constantine would be a very good candidate to organize information concerning various laws and make it available to any Non-Commercial group wanting to be involved in the social needs of this nation. The potential that such a project could have would be wonderful tool to help guide the social affairs of this country.

Rev. Mark Stumbo
Director Apostolic Russian Ministries
Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ


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Grant recommendations

From James M. Rogers, executive director of a non-profit international, humanitarian organization "Globus"

To whom it may concern,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is, James M. Rogers, I have been the executive director of "Globus", a non-profit international, humanitarian organization, operating within Russia, for many years now.

Much of my success for registering this ministry in Russia, and keeping it legally registered, is largely due to the knowledge and expertise of my attorney and friend Constantine  B. Yerofeyev.

Constantine B. Yerofeyev, came highly recommended to me by other foreigners, both living and working within Russia. That introduction took place almost ten years ago. Since that time I?ve used him to handle all legal transactions for my family and my ministry.

Constantine B. Yerofeyev, has proved to be a great asset as well as friend to the ministry of Globus. He keeps up-to-date with all the current laws and any changes taking place. Hence, keeping our family and ministry legally registered and running smoothly within the ever-changing, sometimes vague guidelines laid out by the Russian government.

I have the utmost respect for, Constantine  B. Yerofeyev. I completely trust him, his judgment and sound council in all matters.

However, to me, I consider his friendship and genuine concern toward my affairs to be like that of a dear brother. Anytime I?ve had a problem, this man has always took the time to sit down with me as both a concerned friend and professional attorney. For me, I consider this to be more important than all his hard work, and triumphant achievements.

Constantine B. Yerofeyev, continues to cooperate with many Christian organizations, rendering them legal advice and services to the best of his ability. I have personally witnessed on numerous occasions when individuals have sought after Constantine  B. Yerofeyev, for his expert advice and help. He is known among foreigners to be a good source of «sound advice and council.» He always seems to come thru with solutions to meet each and every problem that arises.

I, like so many others depend on Constantine B. Yerofeyev, and his knowledge concerning the Russian law. That is why we feel it is at the utmost importance that he continues to stay current concerning all of the latest laws.

Sincerely yours,
James M. Rogers


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Grant recommendations

From Blake Purcell, rector Biblical Theological Seminary, St. Petersburg, Russia

To Whom it May Concern,

From 2004 until now, November of 2008, we have had a working relationship with Constantine Erofeev. He has provided visa support for us in a timely and polite way, and has served as legal counsel in the Fall of 2006-January 2007.

In the suit over a broken contract concerning purchasing property he was able to work professionally with the judge of the case, and persistent with the other party in the suit, and in the end was able to recover $7,000 for us out of court.

This took a lot of patience and hard work on his part.

I would be a referral for his legal judgment and abilities to anyone in similar circumstances.


Blake Purcell
Biblical Theological Seminary
St. Petersburg, Russia

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